Writing Private Prescriptions

Our Pharmacist here at Parade Chemist is able to write a number of private prescriptions for the following conditions:
Weight LossOrlistat£35 (84)
AcneAzelaic Acid Cream (Skinoren)£10 (30g)
Allergy/ HayfeverAzelastine Nasal Spray (Rhinolast)£20
Allergy/ HayfeverDymista Nasal Spray£35
Allergy/ HayfeverFexofenadine£10 (30)
Dyspepsia/GORDLansoprazole£10 (28)
Dyspepsia/GORDOmeprazole£10 / [£15 tablets] (28)
Facial Hair (Females)Vaniqa Cream£100 (60g)
Fungal Skin InfectionsCanesten HC Cream£10 (30g)
Fungal Skin InfectionsDaktacort Cream£10 (30g)
Scalp DermatitisBetamethasone Ointment (Betacap)£15
Male Hair LossFinasteride/Propecia£20 (28)
MigraineSumatriptan£20 (6)
Muscle Pain / DysmenorrhoeaNaproxen£15 (28)
Nausea & VomitingMetoclopramide£10 (15)
Ear Infection (Otitis Externa)Otomize Spray£15
Malaria ProphylaxisMalarone/generic, Lariam, Doxycline(click here)
AsthmaSalbutamol/Ventolin Inhalers£8.90
Influenza (FLU)Tamiflu Tablet/Flu JabTamiflu Course = £25
Flu Jab = £10
ItchingHydroxyzine£10 (28)
Jet-LagMelatonin£10 (5)
Erectile DysfunctionSildenafil/Viagra, Tadalafil/Cialis, Levitra, Alprostadil(click here)
Contraception (The Pill)Combined Oral Contraceptives (click here)
Period DelayNorethisterone30p (Per Tablet)
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)Nitrofurantoin (Antibiotics)£10 (6)
HaemorrhoidsProctosedyl Suppositories£12 (12)
HaemorrhoidsProctosedyl Ointment£18 (30g)
Infected Eczema / ImpetigoFusidic Acid Cream£10 (15g)
Stop SmokingChampixInitiation = £42.90
0.5mg=£84 (56)
1mg = £41 (28)

So come in for a free consultation and hopefully we can help!


Dispensing of Private Prescriptions

At Parade Chemist we dispense Private Prescriptions and we keep a record of what we supply to our customers; so, when you bring in a prescription, our records tell us whether you may safely take a medicine with any others you may be taking. We label your medicines to remind you about precautions such us avoiding drinking alcohol and not driving if you feel drowsy.

We have in operation a leading PMR (patient medical records) system fully approved under the data protection act and updated monthly. All possible medication interactions will be detected and interpreted professionally by our pharmacist.

If we do not have your medication in stock and the prescriptions is brought in before 12 noon we can order the medication so it will be ready in the late afternoon for you or the next day at the latest.

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